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11 years of nappies presents our ‘How To’ workshops. Each workshop we will have 1 topic of discussion where we will really dissect and dive into each topic, and we will have interactive sessions. We will take you through our journey and our experiences and talk you through how we got through it. Book your seats, each workshop will have limited seating so book early.

Meet Simone

Simone Phillips is a blogger, content creator, brand ambassador and sought out influencer.

With over 15 years experience in the Financial Services space, she has also earned her place as a professional in the corporate world.

“I never liked you”… As much as those words cut me deep, they made sense. My childhood finally made sense. My mother did what she did because she didn’t like me. Now I can never imagine telling my kids that I don’t like them, but I had to process and deal with this.”

Latest Blog Entries

Mental Well-Being during a pandemic!

Mental Well-Being during a pandemic!

2020 and 2021, years none of us anticipated. Never did I anticipate that I would live through a pandemic, one that takes lives daily across the world. Now this pandemic on its own is a lot to deal with, adding to that we still need to be parents, partners, employees,...

Let’s talk mental health for men by Robert Phillips.

Let’s talk mental health for men by Robert Phillips.

Mental health refers to your emotional, socially and psychological well-being. Having good mental health helps you lead a happy and healthy life. It helps you demonstrate resilience and the ability to cope with life's curveballs. Mental health affects how we think,...

2020, the year that will be recorded in the history books.

31.12.2020. A day most of us are happy to see, the ending of a year that has really turned our lives upside down. Who would've thought in the beginning of this year that our lives would be turned completely upside down? 2020, A year we would like to forget but never...