Conversations with Eden Zyon..😂😂

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Eden Zyon..💕

She is our youngest and is really witty.

My kids had coffee for the first time, and they enjoyed it however the next day when I offered Eden a cup ☕ she’s like, no thank you mommy. Coffee makes my brain go really fast and today my brain doesn’t want to go fast, she just wants to relax. She’s tired. 🤣🤣

I had the young lady talk with both my daughters some time ago and yesterday Eden says, mommy I thought about it and I have decided I don’t want to be a young lady, I’m ok.

I say to her its nature and it’s the way God designed us as women. She turns around and says well, I will just have a conversation with Jesus and tell him what I want. He loves me💕💞 and there she goes about her business.

This girl though?? where she comes up with these??

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