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Check out my Gratitude post on YouTube.

My heart explodes with gratitude ❤️Thank you to my husband, Robert Phillips.

I really appreciate it. I know people will see a car but I see our journey and how far we have come, how good God has been to us.

I thank you for allowing me to be me and to live out my purpose and passion everyday. My world functions because of his hard work and sacrifices daily.

Thank you for all you do, I salute as the head of our home, my person and as the father of our children. 💕💖

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  1. Mira Afiouni

    you made me cry! thank you for sharing this genuine video, thank you for reminding us to be grateful in our journey and to be humble ! loved every word you said. Congratulations on your new car and house, you deserve it ! God bless your family !

    • 11yearsofnappies

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate it


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