Meet Simone

Simone Phillips is a blogger, content creator, brand ambassador and sought out influencer.
With over 15 years experience in the Financial Services space, she has also earned her place as a professional in the corporate world.

As a mother, the joy of Simone’s life is raising her 4 amazing children, Ethan, Micaiah, Zoe and Eden, with her husband of 15 years, Robert Phillips.

Being the gifted creative writer she is, her articles and commentary have been featured in magazines as far reaching as Hong Kong.

Through her inspirational story and skills, Simone looks forward to supporting, uplifting and empowering other women to reach their full potential; lifting others, as they themselves rise.

About The Book

A traumatic childhood could have gotten her the label of “troubled teen”.
A dysfunctional home may have branded her “the black sheep”.
“Unlucky in love” is what some may have called her because of a rocky relationship.

But in this gripping memoir, Simone Phillips peels off every label, as she tells her story of emancipation and courage.