“I never liked you”… As much as those words cut me deep, they made sense. My childhood finally made sense. My mother did what she did because she didn’t like me. Now I can never imagine telling my kids that I don’t like them, but I had to process and deal with this.”

A traumatic childhood could have gotten her the label of “troubled teen”.
A dysfunctional home may have branded her “the black sheep”.
“Unlucky in love” is what some may have called her because of a rocky relationship.

But in this gripping memoir, Simone Phillips peels off every label, as she tells her story of emancipation and courage.

After 11 years of what seemed like a never ending stream of nappy changing and buying (also known as motherhood), Simone is telling HER story.

Her life story is a declaration of freedom. Freedom from past hurts and previous suffering to a life well lived in triumph and victory.

As you share in her journey, you too will be inspired to:
• Rediscover your true self
• Press the reset button
• Embrace every life season
• Choose to live with intention

This book is for the woman, mom or wife who is ready to take a conscious decision to stop existing and start living.

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